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Host city information:

Dallas is home to the greatest concentration of Fortune 100 companies in the United States outside of New York City. Dallas ranks third among the 20 fastest growing cities in the country, according to Forbes 2016. 

Dallas is 18 of the top wealth holders according to Forbes Magazine's list of richest billionaires.

A melting pot of world culture in a single city: 


The TALENTUM Sports International Youth Taekwondo Summer Camp will provide a rich cultural experience for attendees, and will also include team gatherings to celebrate achievement milestones. Athletes will visit landmarks during their stay.  Mentors and Host Families bring a flare of diversity daily to camp life and will help bridge the cultural gap between camp attendees.
Host families provide a hospitable, nurturing, safe, clean and air-conditioned environment for camp attendees. 

Summertime in Dallas is bright , vibrant and extremely hot with temperatures averaging 98 degrees F daily. Texas culture is rich, and full of history ranging from the "Wild, Wild, West" and "Authentic Cowboys" to deep Mexican roots.  Its geography, climate, people, neighboring regions, and size make it far too diverse to be classified in any other way than one truly of its own -- a complex culture called "Texas". This is one of the many reasons Texas is considered "Texas-Country".

The culture of Texas can at face value be described as a meltingpot of "Southern" and "Southwestern" features, with pockets of ethnic group towns and settlements in many locations. The large geographic nature of Texas has also played a role in its culture.

It is a place of island communities from GermanyCzechoslovakiaPolandMexicoAfrica, southern Anglo populations, and historic tribes of Native Americans. Its culture is a complex blending and separation of the cultures different people originally brought with them to Texas. Its African American community contributed to the blues through various artists, and it is the only place in world where its past musicians such as Adolph Hofner sang Western Swing Style music in Czech and German.

Food is big in the Lone-star State.
From dishes inspired by the Cajun/Creole influence, Tex-Mex blends, to Authentic Cowboy cuisine like Chili and BBQ dishes  - people from all over the world flock for taste. 

Intense, goal-driven schedules with a perfect blend of downtime for balance: 

Meet other athletes from around the globe that share your passion and dedication towards your sport. Coaches and guest Instructors will provide building blocks, training activities, and skills training for each group and individual athlete. 

To get the most out of this unique camp experience, expect to train hard, often, and with dedication. Our team will help guide you every step of the way during your training program.

TALENTUM Sports also has supervised team building activities to help campers connect with other athletes while enjoying a memorable summer in Dallas, Texas.