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Without a doubt there is a before and after in Santiago after Talentum summer camp. He shows a much stronger confidence when trying techniques, and dares to do them during training matches, something he did not do before and that his own local professors have noticed that he is more loose in that sense. In the personal aspect, it was also an important change in terms of maturity and social openness, having lived with colleagues of different ages and nationalities, has developed the confidence to meet new friends and socialize more easily.

Without a doubt, Talentum summer camp was an incredible experience that we plan to repeat next year!

Mrs. Jessica Gonzalez

San Luis Potosi, S.L.P., Mexico







Many times the only thing we need to complete our training is a little motivation, having the opportunity to train with Carlos is an off-the-beaten-track experience. He is a really professional athlete, super talented, very dedicated and really reminded me of why he passionate taekwondo, Coach Master Tubbs is a very complete teacher has a lot of experience in international tournaments and is extremely meticulous and very dedicated to his athletes. He really provides you that security that many times you do not find in yourself. This camp not only helped me to become a better athlete but it provided me with many tools to grow as a person. During the training camp time, I had the great opportunity to stay with a local family which allowed me to practice my English at all times. The Frisbys were my hosting, They were really nice and they gave me the opportunity to know the American culture in all its fullness.


​                                                                                                                                    Miss. Lina Diaz

Mexico City, Mexico