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We are very thrilled and proud to provide an opportunity for your athlete to attend one of ours 2019 Talentum International Youth Summer Camps. The selection of training facilities, coaches, and summer camps is one of the most critical decisions that a parent must make as it has a lasting impact on the development and long-term success of your athlete.


TALENTUM Sports LLC has formed alliances in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area with world-class sports training centers. These training centers have carefully defined their own specific goals for their 2019 summer camps. Our mission is to complement and coordinate these trainings with our professional support of indispensable services to the athletes during this time, such as care, lodging, food, and transportation.

Also, Talentum Sports has strategically developed corporate relationships with universities, as well as cultural and recreational centers. These relationships open the doors for our participant athletes to experience growth, transfer lessons learned from this unmatched experience into their sport, and further their personal development.


The vision we have casted for our program is not only to enrich and facilitate high performing training to athletes but to also empower young people by providing a firm foundation of respectable values amongst a competitive and globalized society.