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The TALENTUM Sport Summer Camp “Code of Conduct” is designed to establish high expectations of all participants under the direct care of TALENTUM Sports LLC and Host Families. Participants are responsible to abide by the TALENTUM Sports LLC policies defined by the Code of Conduct, the TALENTUM Sports LLC – ATHLETE & FAMILY Agreement, as well as the Rules and Conditions previously signed by each participant and/or their parents. Violations of these policies will subject the participant to disciplinary actions that may include a loss of privileges and/or total dismissal from the 2019 TALENTUM Sports Summer Camp.

The Code of Conduct exists to maintain the integrity of the program while ensuring a safe, fair and successful experience for all athletes, coaches, participants, and volunteers. 


  1. Participants are expected to behave in a proper manner at all times. Disruptive, inappropriate and or dishonest behavior will not be tolerated.


  2.  Athletes must comply with the rules and regulations of host sports training gyms, facilities or institutions, as well        as in those of the hosting family house. It is imperative that athletes comply with the local, city, state, and federal          U.S. laws, and regulations at all times.


  3.  Each Inbound participant athlete enters the TALENTUM Sports Summer Camp as an “Ambassador” for their                home country. Actions and behavior will need to follow your particular training facility “Code of Conduct”.


  4.  International athletes have the choice to communicate in the language choice at all times; however, TALENTUM            Sports LLC encourages international participants the use English as the primary of communication during the            summer camp. International participants will have bilingual staff support as needed or desired.


  5.  Drug use and other illegal activities: The possession or use of any illegal substance is strictly prohibited. The                  consequences of substance abuse/possession or other illegal activities at any time during the summer program          include immediate expulsion from the program, forfeiture of all program fees, as well as facing legal and criminal              responsibilities with local, state and federal laws.

  6.  Sexual misconduct, sexual assault, and sexual harassment are prohibited. Sexual misconduct is a broad term                that encompasses any non-consensual behavior of a sexual nature that is committed by force or intimidation, or          that is otherwise unwelcome

  7.  TALENTUM Sports LLC reserves the right to conclude this TALENTUM Sports LLC – ATHLETE & FAMILY                     Agreement at any time.


  8.  If an athlete is expelled from the TALENTUM Sports Summer Camp, he/she must return to his/her place of origin        within the next two days at his/her/ parents’ own expense.